Sugai Kona Coffee is hand crafted from the tree to the cup.

February 10, 2016 Kay Dixon

Do you ever wonder if anything is handcrafted anymore? It seems that in our fast paced world everything is manufactured at blazing speed to keep up with consumer demands. Well, at the Sugai Kona Coffee farm things move a little slower. Our farm is definitely hands on, every step of the way. All of our coffee trees are planted by hand, as they grow they are pruned by hand. When the rain is slow in coming, they are even watered by hand. As Summer turns to Autumn, each and every coffee cherry is picked by hand. That's right, every single coffee bean you buy from our farm has been picked one by one, by hand. Once picked they are then wet milled by our foreman, Jeff, by hand! He then places them on our drying deck where they are carefully raked and sun dried, by hand. After drying in the sun, the coffee is then stored in burlap bags that are sewn closed, by hand. When the green coffee returns from the dry mill the beans are loaded into the roaster, by hand. After the coffee is roasted they are then weighed by hand and placed into individual bags that have been labeled (you guessed it) by hand! So yes, there are some things that are still hand made and our award winning Sugai Kona Coffee is one of them. So the next time you make a pot of our coffee you can be sure that you are enjoying a product that is still hand made. Whew, that's a lot of hands...

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