What is your favorite roast?

April 18, 2017 Kay Dixon

Do you have a favorite coffee roast?  Do you know the difference? Each roast has a unique quality and it is really personal choice as what you like. As this image shows,roasts have a wide range. The images start with green (unroasted)  coffee. As the roasting process begins chemical changes start in the bean. The green coffee will go from green to gold. At this point the coffee is at an internal temperature that the coffee begins to roast. As it turns a light brown it will go into first crack. This first crack or pop sets the roast from here on out. Just after the first crack it will be a very light roast sometimes called a cinnamon roast. As the coffee stays  in the roaster longer it will darken a bit to an American roast. These roasts typically have very little flavor but a lot of caffeine. Just at the beginning of the second crack or pop   is a medium roast also known as a City or Full City roast. This roast  usually has  delicate  flavor highlighting the floral and citrus notes in the coffee. A Medium Dark or "Vienna" roast keeps the middle floral notes of  a medium roast but adds a nutty flavor with a smooth caramel like finish. The dark roast known as French or Expresso roasts have a very full body with an smooth, oily look to the bean and a bold smokey finish. A dark roast also has much less caffeine than the lighter roasts. Sugai Kona Coffee offers 100% Kona coffee grown on the Sugai estate in each of these roasts so visit our website and order your favorite roast today.

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