Welcome to Sugai's Coffee Store

Sugai Products, Inc., producers of Sugai gourmet Kona Coffee, has taken pride in our coffee from Kona, Hawaii for three generations. 100% pure Kona Coffee is not a gimmick to us and symbolizes a tradition of rich, gourmet coffee flavor and aroma unique to Kona coffee.

Keeping the integrity of this Hawaii coffee tradition is very important to us, as is proven by the quality of our gourmet Kona coffee.

We are honored to announce that Sugai 100 percent Kona Coffee was a Finalist in the 2010 Kona Coffee Festival Cupping competition AND the First Place Winner of the 2010 Best of Holualoa Roasted Coffee Award. But most of all, it is an honor for us to provide Sugai award winning coffee to our wonderful customers.